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Basic Handgun Cleaning Class $40

Next Class: Sunday, August 25th 2019 from 2PM to 4 PM

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your handgun(s) Do you want to learn how to properly clean your handguns to make them last longer and function better?

This class is taught by Dan Widger who has over 40 years of experience with firearms in the US Army and Law Enforcement as a Range Master / Instructor and supervising the cleaning of hundreds of firearms in some of the worst conditions possible (Snow, deserts etc.) He is also an NRA firearms instructor and a POST certified instructor.

This is a “hands on” class where students will be taught to clean their own firearms that they bring to the class. Dan will show you how to quickly clean your handguns and also how to do a more complete cleaning after lots of shooting or exposure to harsh environments. He’ll show you what to check and how to replace basic springs on semi autos and most important; When to bring it to a gunsmith for service!

Sign up now as the classes fill up fast!

What to bring:
-up to 2 UNLOADED handguns in a locked case
-Do not bring any live ammo to the classroom!
-A few cleaning rags.
-Any gun cleaning supplies you now have or purchase before the class. (cleaning kits will be available for purchase on the day of class while supplies last)
-A pen and something to write on to take notes.

Click the link below to sign up and reserve your space in our next class for August 25th!

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