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T&A Arms Covid-19 Update

Hello T&A friends!

We wanted to give you an update on how we have been navigating keeping our store open during the "shelter in place" order from Covid-19.

Running a small business with two young kids home from school, a shortage of employees, strict federal, state and local rules and regulations to follow...we had no choice but to reduce our store hours to manage it all.

Now that our County has started adjusting to new ways of moving forward, we are doing our best to stay flexible and work our way to finding a sense of normalcy.

Some regulations we must follow to keep our doors open:

- Due to the nature of our small building, we are only allowed to let in two customers at a time.

- Anyone entering the building must wear a mask

- Customers must remain 6 feet apart at all times

- We are cleaning and disinfecting regularly throughout the day and deep cleaning each morning before we open

- We have a bathroom available for handwashing as well as hand sanitizer available

These regulations have made it difficult for us to maintain the level of customer service and individual relationships with you that we strive for and this is our main concern and focus at this time.

Our business is built on the one on one support that Todd strives to give every single customer. If you are a regular, you know that what sets us apart from other stores is experiencing the fun, sometimes inappropriate, always friendly, and very laid-back environment we create in our waiting area. We welcome people of all types, race, walks of life, colors, shapes, sizes, experts, get the picture. We have created a place where all feel welcome to come, hang out, ask questions, share knowledge and build relationships...all while getting hooked up with the gear you need.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding throughout this time and look forward to when this is all behind us.

- Amy & Todd

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