What We Do


Cerakote coatings improve performance and reliability over conventional finishes. You can choose from an endless amount of colors and styles to make your firearm one of a kind. Stop by to see our sample colors!

Private Party Transfer

We can facilitate PPTS (Private Party Transfers) for $35.

Custom Gun Builds

At T&A Arms, we understand your love for customizing a gun to your exact style. We also offer completely custom built AK47 style rifles.


When a firearm or ammunition is purchased online the buyer must select a local dealer to receive it and perform the background check. Our receiving fee is $150 for guns and $35 per 1000 rounds of ammo. There is an additional background check fee require by the state of California.


In addition to buying and selling new and used guns, we can also consign your firearm for a small % fee. Bring in your firearm during business hours to discuss details.

Gun Cleaning

Have time to shoot your gun but no time to spare to clean it? Drop it off with us for a thorough cleaning so you don't have to worry about the mess, chemicals and hassle in your home.